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Welcome! Our mission is giving you hope in your life and a positive change through our Vedic Astrological consultation.

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Pandit Promodkumar Sharmaji

Pandit Promodkumar Sharma, Vedic Astrologer

As a Vedic Astrologer and VastuShastra expert, I would provide guidance by analyzing your Vedic Astrological Charts (Kundali / Patrika) and your Vastu (Home or Office, Factory) for Vastushastra consultation. I will help and guide you by giving you consultation that would suite you and solve your problems. 

My consultation involves providing a safe, nurturing and confidential environment; which can help you find your way.

I am a Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Shastra, gemology counselor with 35 years of experience. I have expertise in solving problems, guiding my clients and enabling them to look at life with hope & positivity.

I have expertise in counseling clients that belong to various religions, faiths, ethnicity, economical class & geographical locations.

I am available in person & on phone all days 9 am to 9 pm (IST).


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About Pandit Sharma

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Life has been very kind and has blessed me with opportunities to prove my versatility. I joined the Indian Air Force at the age of 16 and! pursued my studies in Aeronautics and Electrical Engineering along with my job. After 15 years of service in the IAF, I joined Sigma Engineers and later INCAB Industries Ltd.

My interest in Astrology & Palmistry started way back during my school days and grew profoundly with time so much that I started devoting my entire attention to this subject. In order to polish my skills I spent a good amount of time in-depth research and studied various disciplines of Astrology, Palmistry, Gemology, Face reading and Vastu-Shastra. I began my first practice as a professional astrologer in 1980. Since then I have been thoroughly enjoying my work, accumulating tremendous experiences every day which adds up to my knowledge and increases my confidence in my field.

My effort to serve mankind does not end here. I keep upgrading myself. I have a keen interest in a subject like Psychology and have achieved a Masters in Psychotherapy and Counseling. Combining these two subjects in my work has given amazing outcomes and it feels great to see a smiling, relieved face and a satisfied soul at the end of the day.

Goal –

“My goal is to create hope and smiles in the hearts and minds of people Truly Speaking — “What you have and what you are going to get is all your karma (deeds) of past & this life. The manifold dimension of my counseling is like a torch in a dark unknown path. A stick is helpful to blind or a lame but not to a person with both legs missing.

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Shop No. F/208, Mega Centre, Hadapsar, Pune.

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